2021 Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 Global eCommerce Award winners!

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Global Fashion / Apparel or footwear eCommerce Website of the Year

Winner – LovetheSales.com

The judges thought that this next winning website was a clear winner. They had a very innovative idea using machine learning and AI to increase conversion and a more personalized shopping experience, while also doing good for the environment. The details they gave were really appreciated by the judging panel as they were interesting and creative. The judging panel also praised this entrant for featuring in so many credible publications. Excellent job!

Global Music / DVD / Games eCommerce website of the Year

Winner – G2A.com

The judges thought that this entrant had really strong website traffic and performance. They were impressed with the details and the clear articulation of their audience. They found the website easy to navigate and their overview was very clear and provided an explanation of the ecosystem that is relevant to online shoppers. The judges all thought what they did was terrific.

Global Beauty, Health & Well Being eCommerce Website of the Year

Winner – Venture Stream & Yogamatters – Yogamatters,com

The judges thought that this entry was really clever. They had strategic goals and their execution was well articulated. They appreciated how this entrant subdivided the marketplace and really focused on the details. They all thought it was great to see that there was a key focus looking to the future for their client.

Global DIY, Home, Furniture & Interior Design eCommerce Website of the Year

Winner – Tom&Co & Topps Tiles

The customer feedback programme provided by this next winning entrant impressed the judging panel. They all thought that this was a fantastic way to keep the visibility of the brand during such a tough year. Their physical approach of providing a home visualiser tool was also viewed as a fantastic way to help people make the right buying choices. Overall the judges thought that this entry was very well written. It told a simple, but effective story, with a good level of data and insight. Bravo!

Global Travel & Tourism eCommerce Website of the Year

Winner – Fat Media & Maximum Adventure

The judges thought that this winning entry had a great level of creativity. They could see that the team had a fantastic ability for understanding consumer thinking. The website was described as straightforward and easy to understand. They were also impressed with how the site felt like good value for the tight budget they had at play. They also thought it was fantastic to see such a significant increase in tractions. Congratulations.

Global B2B eCommerce Website of the Year

Winner – AppDrawn & Airlinen

The judges were impressed to see how this winning entrant reacted to the business decrease due to covid, by improving their tools. The judges were particularly impressed to see how the App build took complex business needs & turned them into a simple UI design. This was described as a very user-oriented design, with driving process efficiencies benefiting a niche audience.

Global B2C eCommerce Website of the Year

Winner – Tidal Digital & Perfume Direct – Bespoke Shopify build for perfumedirect.com

All the judges thought that this winning entry was very strong. They were impressed by their data-driven approach and the fantastic results achieved. Their entry told a great story, and the judges could see that behind this website there was a very skilled team, who know their job. Very well done!

Silver Award – G2A.COM

The judges would like to award a silver to acknowledge an agency for their great approach. The judges particularly liked how they involved customers in the sales process and let them become active ambassadors for their website. This was described as a nice way to increase engagement and build a more committed community. The judges were impressed to see this helped generate returning customers and loyal buyers. The judges could see that the whole ecosystem was built to immerse consumers. Great work!

Global eCommerce Start-up Website of the Year

Winner – Evoluted & CarMats.co.uk 

The judges described this winning entry as solid. They had great use of humour and are a brilliant example of what can be done digitally to identify a niche. Really clear objectives set out at the beginning of the project, which was delivered and exceeded their targets – really well done!

Global eCommerce Website of the Year

Winner – Evoluted & CarMats.co.uk

All the judges thought that this winning entrant’s website had very clever features. They also loved the unique way in which this organisation leveraged social media channels to drive awareness. Their agility to pivot from their existing work to a new business during covid was also very impressive. Congratulations!

Silver Award – HEPSIBURADA – hepsiburada.com

The judges would like to award a silver to acknowledge a website that used its whole digital ecosystem to guarantee the best user experience. With the help of translators, the judges were able to dive deeper into and enjoy the site. With a vast range of products available and an extremely impressive monthly visitor rate, the agency is also innovating and offering a good customer-centric focus at the same time. Impressive work. Well done!

Global Payment Solution Technology Awards

Winner – Accertify SCA Optimisation

The judges thought that the winner for the Global Payment Solutions Technology category showcased a very useful tool, with some very impressive tech! Everyone on the judging panel agreed that they could see its value to the bigger eCommerce site. Well done!

Global eCommerce innovation Award

Winner – Squared.io – Insights & Optimization for eCommerce

The judges valued the Add Queries Tool showcased on this winning submission. The judges viewed it as a huge time saver for agency teams, as they are optimizing campaigns. Everyone on the judging panel agreed that the platform was innovative and has many great features. Well done and congratulations.

Silver Award – Mawlin – Borderless D2C

The judges saw some great innovation within this entry and it was evident a lot of work went into the development of the tool. The judges also thought that it was a creative, and interesting idea to use a chatbot. Congratulations on winning a highly commended award.

Global eCommerce Software Or Extension of the Year

Winner – RapidSpike – Customer-focused Website Monitoring

The judges thought that this winning submission showcased a fantastic website that was very clean, clear and concise. They appreciated the detail provided in the overview section of their entry. It really helped the judges understand their process. Congratulations!

Silver Award – Shoptimised – E-commerce growth software

The judges enjoyed reading about this company’s values, ambition and client successes. They also thought that the supporting documentation provided in the entry was a great read, as it demonstrated incremental revenue. Well done for all your hard work.

Global eCommerce Search Campaign of the Year

Winner – Hide and Seek & CombiTools – Hijacking the Lower Funnel

The judges thought that the winner for this category had a very impressive thought-out and executed paid search campaign. Their SMART objectives and well detailed supporting literature helped the judges understand what they set out to achieve. They could really see that the agency understood consumer behaviour. They were also impressed with how they managed to double sales. Very well done!

Silver Award – Evoluted & CarMats.co.uk – Zero To £2m In 12 Months Using Search

The judges would like to recognise one particular campaign by awarding a silver in this category. The judges thought that this campaign achieved stellar results. The judges were particularly impressed to see how a new eCommerce business set up in the middle of a pandemic. Their entry was clever with great information, which helped the judges understand their journey. Well done to everyone who worked on this campaign!

Global eCommerce Social Campaign of the Year

Winner – Rise Interactive & ColourPop – Granular Audience Strategy and Testing Drives Revenue and Higher AOV at Scale

The judges felt this next winning entry has a solid target audience approach and they liked the use of upselling as a strategy. The way that the campaign was implemented and building out audiences is a prime example of how to do paid social activity correctly! Also, they achieved incredible results and return! Massive well done!

Global App of the Year

Winner – Programus – bubltown

The judges were impressed to see this winning entrant’s App was built to primarily help small businesses take advantage of new digital behaviours. They appreciated that this was a big challenge after such a difficult year. The App was praised for having very clear aims and objectives. They thought it was fantastic that this winning entry took the initiative to help the struggling retail industry. The judges could see the benefit of this app and how it supports local businesses and struggling town centres. This entrant showed that all challenges create opportunities. Truly well done!

Global eCommerce Small Agency of the Year

Winner – Venture Forge

The judges praised this next winning entry for their great customer case study. Their objectives were clear, specific and measurable, which lead to brilliant results. The judges appreciated their honesty around the change in business direction to drive continued growth and performance. The achievements are also incredibly strong and the agency should be really proud.

Silver Award – Reload Digital

The judges thought this agency was well deserving of some recognition. They really enjoyed reading the supporting documentation provided within their entry. It provided some brilliant highlights around how the business functions and the client successes. They thought the adoption of Google Data Studio was a great move, as this is a brilliant tool for client reporting. Well done!

Global eCommerce Large Agency of the Year

Winner – Peak Ace AG

The judges thought that this winning entrant provided an incredibly in-depth, detailed and well thought out submission. They were delighted to see an agency performing so well from a people perspective. This came through on the happiness score and retention information provided on their entry. The judges also felt that this agency is working with very different KPIs to improve for their clients, and it is clear to see they are doing a fantastic job. Congratulations

Global eCommerce Rising Star Award (under 30 years old)

Winner – Becca Cain – Venture Forge

The judges were delighted to see this winning entrant develop rapidly over such a short period. The support provided for this individual from the company helped them flourish. All the judges could understand how difficult it must have been for this individual to enter a new role with a new team during the lockdown period. The judges could see that this individual pushes to learn constantly and happily takes opportunities in their stride. Well done to this worthy winner.

Global COVID-19 Outstanding Response Award

Winner – Hotter Shoes – Striding into 2021

The judges thought that this winning entry had an extremely impressive story to tell. They had a great overview of performance improvements and growth as a result of the initiatives they took. The judges loved that new technology was integrated and tested using AR/VR, which was the first of its kind in the UK retail sector. Superb!

Silver Award – Tidal Digital & Chaps and Co – Barbershop Brilliance

The judges thought that this entrant overcame incredible challenges. They provide a great example of building a hyper-local campaign and building customer trust. The judges praised this entrant for their excellent achievements and commitment to staff and health & safety. Bravo!


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