Judges’ Top Tips

Martina di Giacomi

  • Usability/clearness – you see it, you buy it.  I’m looking for an eCommerce site where people must not have any doubts in browsing. No hesitation, no redundant step in their trip to checkout.
  • Delivery options – I’d like that my business partner will understand that today’s game is played on a logistic level and not only on a price level. User should be able to select the best way of delivering related to his/her own needs. Delivery should be part of your daily routine and not an additional issue to the everyday life.
  • Payment options – the more you offer, the more you increase your potential! If I can choose how to pay, probably I will be more confident in buying (also more than needed).

I think that if you are CLEAR you could be efficient; if you are FAST you could have a high impact; if you have VARIETY you don’t lose any sales.